Treat your body and soul to a refreshing experience in our sauna and Turkish bath, creating moments of complete relaxation.

At Boutique Hotel Mirari, we provide a unique experience focused on your health and well-being, tailored to your specific needs. Every moment becomes a precious ritual, and the warmth of the sauna becomes an irresistible invitation to relax the body.

In our sauna, we offer not only a space for relaxation but also an opportunity for deep purification of the body and mind. Health is our mission, and the sauna plays a key role in supporting that goal. The heat of the sauna promotes blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins through sweating. In addition to physical benefits, the sauna also provides mental relaxation, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

In line with our commitment to holistic well-being, our sauna is designed to provide an experience that will encourage you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Here, you can find silence and peace, where the worries of everyday life fade away, and the body and mind have the opportunity for revitalization.

Steam room
Experience deep relaxation and unwind from everyday stress in our sauna’s special steam bath, designed to boost circulation and refresh body and mind. Indulge in aromatic essences and enveloping warmth as you fully unwind in our luxurious steam bath.
Immerse yourself in tranquility and rejuvenation within the serene confines of our sauna. Let the gentle heat melt away tension while the fragrant steam envelopes you, providing a soothing escape from the demands of the day.